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Freestyle Lite Test Strips

Freestyle Lite Test Strips are an integral part of the Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System. They are used to measure blood glucose levels, requiring only a small sample of 0.3 microliters of blood, which makes testing less painful. The test strips have a small sample size (0.6 μL) and a 5 second test time. The fill trigger ensures the reaction starts only when a sufficient sample has been applied, and there is a 5 second sample reapplication. The test strip can be filled from the top or tip (white area at the end of the test strip). The test strips use a special “ZipWik tab” technology to wick blood into the strip, for easier testing. The system is compact and provides results quickly. It also features a backlight display and a test strip port light for ease of use in different lighting conditions. These strips are designed for self-testing by individuals managing their diabetes and for use by healthcare professionals in clinical settings, aiding in effective diabetes management.


  • Freestyle Lite Test Strips are used for blood glucose testing. They are part of the Freestyle Lite blood glucose monitoring system

Key Features

  • No Coding Required: This feature speeds up and simplifies the process.
  • Small Blood Sample: The sample size is only 0.3 microliters, making the procedure less painful.
  • Fast Results: Within five seconds, the system provides accurate results.
  • Backlight and Port Light: In the dark, these features make it easier to read the readings.
  • 60-Second Reapply Time: If the first sample is too small, you have 60 seconds to reapply blood.
  • Alternate Site Testing: Testing can be performed on different parts of the body.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Freestyle Lite
  • Use: Quantitative measurement of glucose in capillary whole blood
  • Compatibility: Freestyle Lite and Freestyle Freedom Lite meters
  • Coding: No coding is required
  • Blood Sample Size: 0.3 microliters
  • Test time: 5 seconds
  • Storage Temperature: Below 86°F
  • Packaging: Available in boxes of 50 or 100 strips

Compatible Products

  1. Freestyle Lite Meter
  2. Freestyle Freedom Lite Meter

Package Includes

  • Freestyle Lite Test Strips
  • Each vial contains 50 test strips
  • Instructions for Use

How to Use It?

Here are the list of materials you’ll need:

  • Freestyle Lite Meter
  • Freestyle Lite Test Strips
  • Lancing device
  • Sterile lancets

Here are the steps to use Freestyle Lite test strips:

Step 1. Readying your Lancing Device

  • Cap off the lancing device.
  • Place a sterile lancet inside the lancing device.
  • Make sure the lancing device cap is replaced.
  • The depth setting should be adjusted.
  • The lancing device should be cocked.

Step 2. Preparing the Meter

  • Insert Freestyle freedom lite test strips to turn the meter on.

Step 3. Sampling Blood from the Fingertip

  • Puncture your finger.
  • Get a round drop of blood.

Step 4. Applying the Sample

  • Apply the sample to the test strip.
  • Wait for the channel to fill completely.
  • View your results.

Step 5. Remove the Used Lancet

  • Remove the lancing device cap.
  • Cover the exposed lancet tip.
  • Eject the Lancet.
  • Replace the lancing device cap.
  • Dispose of the used Lancet and test strip.

Important Safety Information

The following warnings should be considered when you use Freestyle freedom lite test strips:

  • It can be difficult to handle and insert the Freestyle freedom lite test strips into meters due to their lightweight, thin design.
  • Results can be inaccurate when you use other test strips with the Freestyle Lite Meter.
  • When the first blood sample is insufficient, you have 60 seconds to collect a second sample.


  • The test strip package should be stored in a cool, dry place between 4° and 30° C (40° and 86° F). 
  • Do not use test strips outside the operating temperature range of your system.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the accuracy of Freestyle Lite Test Strips?

The Freestyle Lite Test Strips are well known for their accuracy. According to a 2018 study by the Diabetes Technology Society (DTS), Freestyle Lite test strips were among the five most accurate brands. In 96 percent of cases, they were accurate. In other words, they provide reliable results, which are essential for managing diabetes effectively.

What is the technology behind Freestyle Lite Test Strips?

ZipWik tabs are used in Freestyle Lite Test Strips to draw blood into the strip for easier testing. The glucose in the blood reacts with the chemicals on the test strip when the blood sample is applied. A small electrical current is produced as a result of this reaction. This current is measured over time, the electrical charge is calculated, and the glucose value is converted. Blood glucose readings can be taken quickly and accurately with this technology. 

Can I use Freestyle Lite Test Strips if I’m pregnant? 

It is safe for pregnant women to use Freestyle Lite Test Strips. These can help pregnant women with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels regularly. Before making any changes to your diabetes management plan during pregnancy, consult your healthcare provider.

How long does it take to get a result with Freestyle Lite Test Strips?

Freestyle Lite Test Strips provide results quickly. Once you apply the blood sample to the test strip, it takes approximately 5 seconds for the Freestyle Lite Meter to display the blood glucose level. This fast result time can make monitoring blood glucose levels more convenient and less time-consuming.

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