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Buying Insulin Online Without a Prescription from Canada

Buying Insulin Online

Insulin is a medication that people with diabetes worldwide rely on to live a fulfilling, healthy life. Yet, in America, insulin is becoming harder to obtain due to high price points, and convoluted processes — including the need to have a written prescription.

It has become increasingly apparent that buying insulin online from Canada is a lot easier than buying insulin online in the United States. In the U.S., you require a prescription written by a doctor to purchase insulin. In Canada, however, you do not need a prescription for buying insulin online, as you can buy it over the counter from your local pharmacist.

At ArcticMeds, we believe that safe insulin should be available to everyone everywhere. When you are buying insulin online, you can get the convenience of purchasing Canadian insulin while living in the United States.

ArcticMeds is a Canadian-based online prescription referral service designed to help you save money on your medications, while also delivering a professional and personalized service. We team up with Canadian pharmacies to give Americans more efficient and affordable access to this life-changing medicine.

By buying insulin online from Canada, you can conveniently purchase the medication you need from home, at an affordable price, and with minimal wait time.

Do You Need a Prescription when Buying Insulin Online from Canada?

Easily one of the most common FAQ’s about purchasing insulin. Like with most things regarding government healthcare, there are different variables to consider when answering this common question.

When You May Need a Prescription: You may not need a prescription to buy insulin in Canada, but you may require one depending on the process you choose.

Buying Insulin Online

For example, Reuters has reported on groups of Americans who have driven in caravans to Canada to obtain insulin at a lower cost. If you are crossing the border with insulin, you will need a prescription to confirm that you are not reselling the insulin and will use it for personal purposes. You will not, however, need a prescription when purchasing it locally in Canada.

Buying Insulin online & Prescription Drugs from ArcticMeds: You will need a prescription to purchase insulin and other diabetic medications from ArcticMeds. All of our contracted pharmacies require a valid prescription written by a licensed medication practitioner in your area of residence. We ask that you get your prescription written in English.

When you use your prescription for buying insulin online from Canada through ArcticMeds, you can also refill your prescription online. If you have any questions about refills, we are happy to answer any of your inquiries. We ensure that you can fill your prescription securely, conveniently, and efficiently.

Insulin Prescription Requirements: Canada VS. US

Insulin Prescription Requirements

Generally speaking, you do not need a prescription when buying insulin online in Canada. Insulin is not even on the Health Canada Prescription Drug List. To obtain insulin in Canada, you may buy it over the counter from a pharmacist, no prescription required. To order insulin from Canada through ArcticMeds, however, you will require a prescription.

Insulin Prescription Requirements
The Washington Post reports that you can buy some insulin types without a prescription in the United States. Right now, there are only two types of human insulin available over the counter in the United States; Humulin and Region. New Analog insulin, however, which is required by Type 1 diabetics, requires a prescription and, subsequently, expensive visits to the doctor.

According to a 2015 survey by Diabetes Canada, 25 percent of people with diabetes don’t even take the prescribed treatments because of their associated costs. Without the insurance to cover doctor’s office visits, obtaining the prescription needed to purchase insulin is barely financially feasible for Americans – and that’s not even considering the medication’s hefty price tag.

Even Americans who do have a prescription for insulin sometimes don’t refill their prescription because it is too expensive. Others take lower doses to make their prescription last longer. As one would guess, this can have detrimental health effects on an individual with Type 1 Diabetes. This type of diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes.

American Buying Insulin online from Canada:

What Insulin Can You Buy Without A Prescription

If you are an American who is looking at buying insulin online from Canada, you can order your insulin from Canada online with a prescription through ArcticMeds. Order Canadian insulin online with ArcticMeds for safe, secure, and easy access to the top Insulin brands at more affordable prices.

What Insulin Can You Buy Without A Prescription?

Buying Insulin Without a Prescription

In Canada: In Canada, you do not need a prescription to purchase any insulin product, including Lantus insulin, Solostar insulin, Humalog insulin, and Levemir insulin.

In the United States: In the United States, you require a prescription for different types of insulin. Specifically, you need a prescription for new analog insulin — the insulin on which those with Type 1 Diabetes rely.

Ordering from ArcticMeds With a Prescription

At ArcticMeds, we know how expensive it can be for people with diabetes to fill their insulin prescriptions in the United States. For this reason, we make it easy for diabetics in the U.S. to obtain affordable insulin from Canada with a prescription.

ArcticMeds’s contracted pharmacies require that you have a valid prescription when buying insulin online with us. That said, we make obtaining insulin with a prescription quick, easy, and affordable. We offer various avenues for you to fill your prescription with Canadian insulin, as you can order from us online, by phone, or by fax.

To order prescription medication from ArcticMeds, all you have to do is send us a scanned copy of your prescription. You can also send us a high-quality digital photo of your prescription if this is easier for you.

To send us your prescription, upload your prescription directly to our website after processing your order or fax it over to us along with a filled out Medication Order Form. If you have already ordered with us, the process will be that much easier. This is because, if you have refills left, you will be able to place your order without a copy of your prescription.

Contact us with any other questions that you may have about buying insulin online from ArcticMeds with a prescription. Our friendly support team is happy to help you.

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