Why do Americans buy insulin from Canada?

Why do Americans buy insulin from Canada?

For diabetics in the US, fulfilling an insulin prescription can be relatively costly and for some, getting their medicine can be out of reach..

Politicians in the history have pledged to make medications more affordable to patients who may not be able to afford to buy insulin from Canada. As a result of the high cost of insulin, Americans with diabetes would cross the border into Canada where the price of drugs can be upwards to 85% cheaper; And that is for the exact same brands manufactured in the US.

Politicians in the past have vowed to make pharmaceuticals more affordable to patients who may not otherwise would not be able to buy insulin.

Is it legal to buy insulin from Canada?

The legitimacy of being able to buy insulin from Canadian drugstores is largely  a grey area and definitely has its loopholes.

It’s illegal to buy insulin from Canada, but luckily it’s legal for Canadian drugstores to send pharmaceuticals directly to residents in the US.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) forbids Americans from being able to buy insulin from Canada in order to regulate imported pharmaceuticals, to meet their guidelines.

This law can be more or less hypocritical since the same medicines are manufactured in Canada, and then retailed by drugstores in both countries and Health Canada is a lot more strict than the FDA when it comes to the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

Despite the illegality to shuttle prescription drugs across the border from Canada, majority of custom officers generally don’t concern themselves about it for patients picking up medicines for their own use.

Of course this doesn’t mean that they can’t seize a package if they wanted to, so those who are buying insulin in Canada need not worry too much. There also has not been a single case of anyone going to jail for ordering personal prescription drugs from Canada.

According to an authorized statement by Health Canada in 2004, transporting prescription insulin to the US is legal and will continue.
The sale of medications across the boarder to the United States has become an important business in Canada because numerous Americans are looking for every reason to purchase Canadian patented pharmaceutical prices and are buying their medications from Canada. Neither Canada’s obligations under international trade law nor our domestic laws forbid these exports.”

Buy Insulin from Canada

How to safely order insulin online?

With the increase of online buying, it’s no surprise that the option to buy insulin from Canada drugstores has grown into a more favored option for diabetics in the US.

It’s important to do your due diligence when deciding to buy from an online drugstore or which company you are considering.

Websites like  ArcticMeds offer pharmaceuticals that are supplied by an accredited drugstore by the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA).

For people looking to buy insulin vials and other diabetes products must still supply a valid prescription from their medical professional and may only buy up to 3 months supply.

Why is insulin cheaper in Canada?

In Canada, The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board ensures the price of patented drugs retailed in Canada are affordable. Still, it doesn’t have control over mark-ups by retailers and also doesn’t have regulation over the price of generic pharmaceuticals.

The United States has no regulations over pharmaceutical pricing which is why you have insulin prices that end up costing patients 2-6 times over and above what you find in Canada.

In Summary

Buy Insulin from Canada

Insulin is extremely costly for Americans, but still numerous people have seen that either crossing the border to buy insulin from Canada drugstores or ordering online can result in saving up to 85%.

Of course if you ’re not living in a close state alike Buffalo, Seattle or Detroit, then this can be out of the question.

Nonetheless, be sure to order from an accredited drugstore, If you ’re looking to buy insulin from Canada.

Indeed though, some drugstores in Canada don’t ask for a prescription, you must supply a prescription from your medical professional when ordering online.

Websites, as an example, will supply low cost insulin products and will send them directly to occupants in the United States from Canada.

Find well-known pharmaceutical brands on ArcticMeds such as Novorapid (Novolog), Humalog, Ozempic and Saxenda.

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